Luca On The Way To The Juice Academy (UK)

Luca Trudu, our Spa Manager, Allrounder and my Beloved, is on the way to The Juice Factory in Wellingborough.

The Juice Academy is an interactive, educational, yet fun event run by the Juice Master team and an experienced, qualified, Independent Natural Juice Therapist. The event covers all aspects of juicing and Jason Vale’s philosophies on health and disease. There will be practical and theory sessions, juicing workshops, interactive learning and more. The Academy is designed to give you a fundamental understanding about juicing and the multitude of health benefits associated with Natural Juice Therapy. So, Luca will learn ‘What to juice’, ‘How to juice’ and most importantly ‘Why juice?’

Dear Luca, enjoy The Academy! We’re very excited to taste some of your new recipes.


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