🌱 GAIA becomes member-hotel of the BIO HOTELS association

The four-star GAIA Hotel in Basel, where clients “come as a guest, leave as a friend”, is listed as a wellness hotel with Switzerland Tourism and now a member hotel of the BIO HOTELS association. With GAIA’s strong focus on sustainability, it’s the first hotel in Basel that has joined the association and aims to become a zero-waste hotel by 2020.

The GAIA Hotel combines wellness, urban life and relaxation into the perfect balance. Special wellness offers, with comprehensive massage treatments, such as Shiatsu, hot stones, reflexology, Dorn-Breuss massage and cupping, are all available. The hotel has a small spa with a sauna and a Kneipp pool for guests to experience Water Treading. The GAIA Hotel continues its dedication to sustainability and wellbeing as it aims to only serve regional organic and biodynamic products, customized for vegans, vegetarians and allergy sufferers.

“The wellbeing of our guests is important to us – and equally so is the future of the next generations and our lovely planet” says Selinda Geyer, who is co-directing the hotel with her sister, Natalie Durrer-Geyer.

BIO HOTELS is the largest association of eco-friendly hotels, with more than 100 member-hotels in seven European countries. Sustainable economy, buying locally and eco-friendly energy and waste cycles are a must for all organic hotels. The constant improvement of each hotel’s carbon footprint is also a declared common goal.

GAIA Hotel’s commitment to the cause is unparalleled as they implore these principles in every aspect of their hotel and aims to become a zero-waste hotel by 2020.

The hotel is currently operated by the fourth generation of the same family. The atmosphere is welcoming as pets are allowed at the hotel too. In fact, the hotel dog, Aramis, greets everyone who enters the property. He’s officially called “Director of Good Mood” and can be followed via Instagram #lassie♥basel.

The rooms, of which there are 86, are well equipped and comfortable, and all include a free minibar, featuring organic soft drinks and local beer. Ever-vital free Wi-Fi is also available. The main advantage of the GAIA Hotel is its extremely convenient location. It’s found across the street from the train station and the historical centre, and museums are only 10 minutes away on foot. There is a major tram stop nearby but, for some, it is possible to reach almost all attractions in the city by foot from the GAIA Hotel. Despite its central location and proximity to the train station, the ambiance inside the hotel is nonetheless very quiet and peaceful, making it easy to unwind and relax.

GAIA hotel has proudly become a member-hotel of the BIO HOTELS association as it provides its guests with extra ecological value as well as unrivalled hospitality and wellbeing experiences.

For further information, please contact: Selinda Geyer, Co-Director, selinda.geyer@gaiahotel.ch, +41 61 225 1313 or visit www.gaiahotel.ch