A Hot Tip for Colds & Flu

Fresh apple, ginger and lemon juice mixed with hot water, sweetened with a spoonful of Manuka active honey is a must for cold winter days, even if you don't have a cold. Instructions: Juice the apple, ginger and lemon (leave the peel on). Pour the juice into your favorite mug. Make sure you onle half…
Having fun @work!

SPA in progress @ the GAIA HOTEL

Selinda and Daphne enjoying their time in the hotel...! Have a sneak preview of how our new spa area will look like.
Curly baby toddler brushing teeth.

Natural Alternatives To Toothpaste

Do you like to look after your body and care for your health? How often do we treat ourselves to a nourishing meal, before heading to the bathroom to brush our teeth with a chemical-laden toothpaste? Discover why natural toothpaste is a better for you and how you can do it yourself - effortlessly. So What Is…
Female runner running in autumn leaves. Fitness exercise

What To Eat Before And After A Workout

There's a science to what you should eat before and after to maximize your workout and recovery from the wear and tear it puts on your body. Here are five rules of thumb to keep in mind. Before: Keep Your Tummy Happy Choose pre-workout meals or snacks that are easy to digest and won't cause…

The Diet That Saved Novak Djokovic

Djokovic believes that his diet has made him more level-headed and less anxious or prone to anger, though other routines have also helped in that respect. He never skimps on sleep and always tries to go to bed at the same time, between 11pm and midnight, before getting up at 7am. He uses yoga and…
Green vegetable and herbs smoothie with heart of poppy and sesame seeds. Love for a healthy raw food concept.

Luca On The Way To The Juice Academy (UK)

Luca Trudu, our Spa Manager, Allrounder and my Beloved, is on the way to The Juice Factory in Wellingborough. The Juice Academy is an interactive, educational, yet fun event run by the Juice Master team and an experienced, qualified, Independent Natural Juice Therapist. The event covers all aspects of juicing and Jason Vale’s philosophies on health…
Healthy Chia seeds

Start Your Day With Healthy Foods

Starting your day with good nutrition sets you up with lots of energy, helps you feel fresh and keeps nasty bloating away. And when you start your day right, you focus better and make healthier choices all day long. Here's what we believe are the healthiest foods for a healthy start. Plant-based proteins and fats are…
Expressing happiness.

5 Tips To Reduce Daily Stress

Did you even stop to consider the overwhelming noise of stimuli that is bombarding you on a moment-to-moment basis? Is your cell phone buzzing, beeping and ringing? Do the children or adults in your life pull on you, demanding your attention? Are people sucking your energy, begging for solutions to their life’s challenges, leaving you feeling exhausted…

Finding A Work And Lifestyle Balance

To be truly happy and ful-filled, it’s important to achieve a work-life balance which complements your lifestyle. Research from The Australia Institute shows that with ever-increasing workload demands, our mental and physical health is being compromised. While this may currently be the case, elements such as sudden loss of appetite, poor sleeping patterns, mood swings…

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